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What are the best dating websites in Holland?

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When you move to another country, it’s not always easy to meet new people. Not just for people who are looking for friendship, but also for those looking for love. Luckily, thanks to the internet it has become much easier to meet a potential love interest. On several Dutch websites, including Parship, Cupify and EliteDating, you can find profiles of other singles. If you’re interested in a particular person, you can contact him or her.

What are the dating trends of 2023?

The dinner date is over. It seems the activities we often do during the pandemic have stuck. Mentions of “Picnic” and “Museum” have increased in Tinder biographies in the Netherlands this year, which could mean that today’s singles are meeting for more than just food and drink, opting for less traditional but more authentic ways to get to know each other. Activities such as pottery, karaoke and cooking classes are in the top 10 Dutch Tinder dating events.

Constellations are one of the most popular topics on Tinder profiles is sexdating. The constellations Aries, Leo and Pisces are the most used in Dutch profiles. Globally, these are Leo, Scorpio and Cancer. Surprisingly, all constellations most likely correspond to the exact same star sign.

Positions on social issues can make or break a game. Three quarters of singles worldwide are looking for a date who is interested in social issues. Indeed, so many Tinder members this year added the Ukrainian flag to their profiles in support of Ukraine that it was at one point among the top 10 most popular emojis in the app worldwide. Dutch interest in activism and suffrage has also increased this year

How does this website compare sites?

This website compares dating sites in several ways. For example, it has a top 5 of popular sites, so that you know where to look for high quality online dating. We also give you a handy overview of the costs. Although you can register for free on most dating sites, subscriptions do cost money. This website wants is a comparison site that also pays attention to lesser known sites.

What are the best dating websites in Holland?

When you move to another country, it’s not always easy to meet new people. Not just for people who are looking for friendship, but also for those looking for love. Luckily, thanks to the internet it has become much easier to meet a potential love interest. On several Holland websites, including Parship, Cupify and EliteDating, you can find profiles of other singles. If you’re interested in a particular person, you can contact him or her.

Dutch dating sites: places to find love and friendship

There are many sites in the Netherlands where you can make an account for free. The number of singles looking for a potential partner is very high and the popularity of online dating is still rising. Sometimes people are not only looking for love, but for friendships as well. Sometimes a date ends up as a friendship or a chat contact, which is a nice outcome as well. However, if you’re really looking for love a dating site is the best place to be for you.

What is the audience?
A dating site is meant for singles and bachelors looking for a relationship. It can also be useful for people who are already living together with someone or those who have a serious relationship. In that case they’re looking for friendship, because in the past some friendships have fallen apart. Making new contacts is fun and you never know if for sure if a contact will lead to something more!

How many sites exist?
There are more than 160 sites in the Netherlands alone, so you can imagine how many dating sites there must be worldwide! One million singles on a large dating site is no exception. Some of them also have members. For many singles it’s not very important to have contact with singles from other countries, such as Germany and Sweden. For most people, it’s simply too far away to build up a relationship, but it does happen sometimes. Singles do like to date with Belgian singles though. The language barrier is not very big and the distance between the Netherlands and Belgium is still manageable for some people.

Find a love interest, wherever you live
Most Dutch people live in cities in the central west of the Netherlands, which is known as the ‘Randstad’. It consists primarily of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague. A big advantage of these cities is that a lot of singles live there. However, if you live in another part of the Netherlands it can be quite difficult to find your potential ‘soulmate’. Times are changing though, since there are some very good online dating websites that often have a filter system to find exactly what you’re looking for. So nowadays it doesn’t matter whether you live in the Randstad or in a small town in a corner of the Netherlands.

What are the best dating websites in 2023?
It’s important to find a good website. Not every single has the same wishes when it comes to a ‘perfect partner’ though. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions. Are they free of charge when you sign up, for example? Most dating websites are, but do they ask for a small additional payment when you prefer to use extra services on their websites. Also take a look at the subscription prices, since dating websites can vary in prize. They also offer different kind of bonuses and deals, so make sure you look into this. The following websites are known for their high quality:

Name of the dating website Is it for free? How is the quality? Are there English speaking singles? Yes Good Yes Yes Good Yes Yes Good No Yes Good Yes Yes Good No

The broad audience of
Are you looking for a well-educated partner who is 30 years or older? Then might be the perfect place for you. It’s one of the largest dating websites in the Netherlands and has a very broad audience. Most singles on this platform are looking for a long-term relationship. About 76 percent of them are 30 years or older, and quite a large proportion of the members went to college. It’s not required to have a high education to use Parship though. Since there are so many Parship members, chances are high you’ll find a potential love interest!

Special questionnaire
Making an account at is quite easy, but you do have to fill in a questionnaire. This takes some time, but it’s absolutely necessary because Parship gives you possible ‘matches’ based on your answers. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible to look for a potential partner on your own in the search system.

Love and education at
If you’re looking for educated singles, then is the dating website you’re looking for.

Be careful with your personal information
At websites you don’t have to pay for their services at all. However, you should be careful with sharing your personal information. Many sites use your personal data for advertising. This is quite common, but your privacy is important. If you discover that a site has a lot of fake profiles, you better go look somewhere else. It’s not a good sign and you better register at one of the quality dating websites we’ve mentioned above.

Have you been looking for the perfect partner on a dating site for a while, without being successful? Then it might be helpful to visit this website. On this website you’re able to compare date sites by using the male/female ratio, prices, number of members, chat options, single events and much more.


Several aspects
The website assesses the dating sites on different aspects, such as ease of use, costs, number of members, gender balance, functions and the target group. For each dating site, you get a good picture of the way it works and the registration procedure. Besides that, you receive a handy overview of every feature that the dating site has.

Different categories of singles
The dating sites we compares are divided into different categories, such as higher educated people, 50+/older dating, general dating sites and even free dating sites. This is done so that you can find the perfect dating site for your personal situation, wishes and personality.

Share your dating experiences
We advises you to register on as many sites as possible, because you can register for free on almost of all them. It’s also a good way to find out which dating site suits you best. At this site you have the possibility to share your dating experience by writing a review about the sites you’re a member of. Constructive criticism and compliments are both welcome, just be honest.

Reviews about dating sites
We finds it very important to hear the opinions of other singles. Reviews make it possible to compare the many dating sites in the Netherlands. This is why you’ll find a lot of reviews from users of the dating sites. Members of these sites share both positive and negative experiences. This allows you to find out whether a dating site suits you or not. So leave a review if you have experiences with one or more dating sites, because it might help other singles